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Core Services

  • Accident repairs
  • Sale of new and old spare parts
  • Auto diagnosis i.e. engine systerm, SRS, ABS, E4WD, immobilizer etc
  • Overhaul, wiring and mechanical repairs
  • Fitting car track, alarms, speed governors, immobilizer and music system
  • Arc and Gas welding
  • Panel beating and spray painting
  • Car wash including interior wash and buffing.
  • General servicing.
  • Wheel balancing and alignment
  • Vehicle towing  and recovery services
  • Storage of cars involved in accidents

Accident Repairs

We deal with all makes of vehicles, taking care of the entire vehicle from its body to the interior. The technicians we have are competent and experienced to handle all natures of damages on both the body and mechanicals. We restore vehicles to their original manufacturers specifications. Our repair systems are enhanced by adoption of computerized technology and the use of modern equipments. This makes us repair the vehicle to the satisfaction of the customers.

Chassis Alignment

Our modern machinery helps to pull, align and calibrate chassis back to manufacturers specifications. It also helps to increase efficiency by eliminating uncertainties during the repair process. We are one of the few repairers with such equipment in the country. Our staff can comfortably anchor and repair 4WDs, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), luxury saloon cars and light trucks.